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Glossary of Terms


Icon Absolute Risk
Icon Acceptance Notice
Icon Acceptance Period
Icon Accident
Icon Accident And Health Policy
Icon Accident Cover
Icon Accident Department
Icon Accident Frequency
Icon Accident Insurance
Icon Accident Severity
Icon Accident Year
Icon Accident Year Basis
Icon Accident Year Loss Ratio
Icon Accidental Death Benefit
Icon Accommodation
Icon Accounting Period
Icon Accrued Benefits (Pension Fund)
Icon Accumulating with-profits
Icon Accumulation Plan
Icon Acquisition Costs
Icon Act of God
Icon Active Member (Pension Fund)
Icon Active Portfolio Strategy
Icon Active Positions
Icon Active Return
Icon Active Return-at-Risk
Icon Active Risk
Icon Actual (cash) Value (AV)
Icon Actuarial Balance Sheet
Icon Actuaries Indices
Icon Actuary
Icon Added Benefits
Icon Additional Interest
Icon Additional Living Expense Clause
Icon Additional Premium
Icon Additional Voluntary
Icon Adjudicator
Icon Adjustable Policy
Icon Adjusted Free Float Share Index
Icon Adjuster
Icon Adjustment Premium
Icon Administrator
Icon Admissible Assets
Icon Advance Premium
Icon Adverse Selection
Icon Advisory Committees
Icon AEX Index
Icon Age Nearest Birthday
Icon Age of Entry
Icon Agency System
Icon Agent
Icon Agent’s Account
Icon Agents’ Balances
Icon Aggregate Excess Of
Icon Aggregate Extension Clause
Icon Aggregate Limit
Icon Aggressive Growth Fund
Icon Aggressive Investment Strategy
Icon All Risks
Icon Allied Perils
Icon Alpha
Icon Always Open
Icon American Stock Exchange (AMEX)
Icon Amortise
Icon Annexures
Icon Anniversary Date
Icon Annual Financial Statements
Icon Annual Premium
Icon Annual rate of return
Icon Annuitant
Icon Annuity
Icon Annuity certain
Icon Annuity in arrears
Icon Annuity, Deferred
Icon Annuity, Immediate
Icon Anti-selection
Icon Any One Risk Cover
Icon Application
Icon Appointed Representative
Icon Apportionment
Icon Approved Pension Fund
Icon Approved Reinsurance Policy
Icon Arbitrage
Icon Arbitration Clause
Icon Arson
Icon Asset
Icon Asset Allocation Flexible Funds
Icon Asset Allocation Funds
Icon Asset Backed Securities
Icon Asset Classes
Icon Asset Manager
Icon Asset Swap
Icon Asset/Liability Modeling
Icon Assignment
Icon Assistance Policy
Icon Association Captive
Icon Assume
Icon Assumed
Icon Assurance
Icon Assured
Icon Assurer
Icon Attribution Analysis
Icon Audit-exempt Fund
Icon Audited Policy
Icon Authorization
Icon Automatic Coverage
Icon Automatic Premium Loan (APL)
Icon Automatic Reinsurance
Icon Average
Icon Average Clause
Icon Average Rate of Tax
Icon Aviation Insurance
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Small Company Funds:

Small company funds seek maximum capital appreciation by investing in both established smaller companies and emerging companies. New investment by these funds is restricted to small and mid-cap shares and at least 75 percent of the fund must at all times be invested in shares which fall outside the top 40 JSE listed companies by market capitalisation. Due to their nature and focus these funds may be more volatile than those that are diversified across ...
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