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Why you need a BFF (best financial friend)






Commentary by Arthur Hlubi, legal and compliance executive at Bayport Financial Services
When money is tight and debts are piling up, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and very alone. In times of stress and worry, most people withdraw and end up spending too much time on their own with their mind going in circles.
It is not a good way to find answers. A far better way is to ask for help. Sometimes merely talking about your problems and concerns gives a new perspective, without the other person even saying a word.
But talking about money issues is usually difficult, especially when a person is in debt. Emotions like shame and guilt enter the picture, and it can be almost impossible to discuss the situation with a family member or a friend.
Fortunately, people close to you are not the only option. A financial consultant could be the answer. Such people have the training and experience to not only listen, but also suggest solutions that you might not have thought of. A good financial consultant will not judge your money decisions, but help you in a caring and professional way to make a plan to get out of debt and onto the road of financial wellness.
Noticing a growing need among customers who want to speak to advisors and professional consultants about their money issues, Bayport Financial Services will on Friday, 17 February extend their help to consumers at their new branch in Randburg from 10am to 4pm.
Source: Gillian Gamsy International Communications
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