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Sample RSS Feed: Press Room »

Below is a sample of the RSS Feed for the Retirement Consumers Press Room.

FSB provisionally suspends JVN Asset Management (Pty) Limited (“JVN”)

The Registrar of Financial Services Providers (“the Registrar”) has provisionally suspended the authorisation of JVN Asset Management (Pty) Limited (“JVN”) to act as a financial services ...
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Populism driven by debt, low growth and a broken social contract

Cape Town: US President Donald Trump may perplex and exasperate the old order of established geopolitical interests, but his maverick style may turn out to be a boon for the global economy. That’s ...
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Commutation of a Living Annuity on emigration

Compiled by: Lize de la Harpe, Legal Adviser: Glacier by Sanlam Introduction We are often asked whether or not a living annuity can be commuted when the annuitant emigrates. The answer is of course no – ...
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Investing in the future doesn’t have to be at the expense of living your best life today

A sound plan can help you live confidently today and in the future Retirement. It’s something our parents deal with and feels like light years away, a thing for the future you to think about. Saving for ...
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Being an optimist in trying times

By John Kennedy, Director and Regional Head, Citadel   I am an optimist and believe that tomorrow will be better than today; that the future will be better than the present. This is a mind-set that has ...
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A Taste of Reality: 10X Shows What it’s Like to Lose 40% of Your Retirement to High Fees

10X Investments and Nik Rabinowitz partner up once more to #StopDaylightRobbery in the SA Retirement Industry   In South Africa, only 6% of the population are able to retire with enough money to support ...
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Three trends shaping the evolution of portfolio construction

Clients want outcomes, not the hiring and firing of managers   Cape Town: ‘One of the wheels of the Wells Fargo coach came off with a big scandal hitting our community bank last year. It’s ...
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Disposition of and Distribution of Death Benefits: Retirement Funds

By Tamara Jacobsen, Director, Applied Learning Academy What is a death benefit under a retirement fund? A death benefit means the lump sum that becomes payable in the event of death of a member of a retirement ...
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Falsification of Regulatory Examination Results and Issuance of Fraudulent Certificates

Godfrey Nti, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Planning Institute (FPI) Johannesburg: Following the announcement made yesterday, by the Financial Services Board (FSB), on the high increase of debarment cases ...
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FSB Appoints a Curator for Bophelo Beneficiary Fund and Benefit Services

After noticing concerning behaviour and noting several media allegations against the Bophelo Beneficiary Fund and Bophelo Benefit Services, a Statutory Manager, Mr Henry Msimang was appointed to investigate the ...
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Using an umbrella fund? Set up a management committee too

              Nigel Willmott, Head: Employee Benefits, Citadel                   Over ...
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Sanlam Employee Benefits wins FIA Product Supplier of the Year

Tuesday: Sanlam has been named the 2017 Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa’s(FIA) Employee Benefits Product Supplier of the Year. The FIA awards provide financial intermediaries the opportunity ...
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Pension Fund Trustees said Moody’s would downgrade, Rand will depreciate

At the recent Batseta conference in Sun City, 61% of attendees at a RisCura presentation said, in answer to a spot survey, that Moody’s Investor Service would join Fitch and S&P in downgrading South Africa ...
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Deciphering your Investment Statement

Regardless of who you invest with or what policy you have, chances are you’re unable to make sense of each and every line item on your investment statement. This is not necessarily a failing on your behalf, ...
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The Fais Ombud and too many cooks

The phrase “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears” was not uttered by Vincent van Gogh after the painful self-inflicted loss of his hearing appendage. A recent FAIS Ombud determination reminded ...
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Intermediaries applaud South Africa’s top insurance brands

            Lizelle van der Merwe, CEO at the FIA                     In ...
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