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Life after broad-form liability insurance






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John Stebbing
Camargue Liability Academy for Brokers




When broadform general liability was first introduced a few years ago, it represented an important step forward in the scope of cover the industry had to offer. Several years on, there have been market shifts, and it’s worth considering what new and alternative differentiators now exist. What comes after broadform?

Although policy wordings are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the changing environment, for there to be transformation, an approach that looks beyond the policy wording would be mandatory. For this reason, it has become abundantly clear that the next radical step forward must lie in the provision of risk management services that support liability policies.

The advantage of risk management services is that they offer cover for events which would not typically be covered by a liability policy. A striking example of this is the one hour free legal advice Camargue offers as standard with its CGL policies. Effectively, Camargue will cover the cost of a one hour legal consultation on any topic relevant to the Insured’s business. It does not matter if the topic falls outside the scope of the CGL policy wording. In other words, there would be free consultations for matters which the Insured was aware of before the policy was signed, or for unfair labour disputes, and even for matters which fall under another policy which the Insured chose not to purchase (such as a professional indemnity policy).

The Camargue policy places no limit on the number of free consultations either. It provides one free consultation for every new matter facing the business. So if the Insured has five new matters in a week, Camargue will pay for all five one hour consultations that week.

And there’s more!

Camargue has also introduced a new risk management service called ‘PR Crisis Management Support’. The value of this free service is best explained through a conceivable crisis scenario:

In a case where Camargue rejects a third party’s claim because the Insured is not legally liable, that third party might try and exact a form of revenge on the Insured. An increasingly popular tactic is to criticise the Insured in social media and other similar public forums. The reality is, left unchecked, an issue like this has the potential to cause serious reputational damage. By handling quickly and skilfully, a public relations crisis could be averted along with any permanent harm to the Insured’s brand and industry standing.

Once again, Camargue will pay for the cost of a PR crisis management consultant to guide the Insured through the process of managing media relations should such an eventuality transpire.

Source: Camargue Liability Academy for Brokers
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