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Below is a sample of the RSS Feed for the Healthcare Consumers Press Room.

Breaking the cycle of health inequalities

Courier pharmacy delivers on accessibility to enhance medicine adherence   As South Africa prepares for the full implementation of National Health Insurance, the structural barriers impeding our society’s ...
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Striking the right balance between activity and rest time for the elderly

Optimal quality of life requires healthy stimulation aligned to individual capacity   Physical and cognitive stimulation, social interaction and time for rest and relaxation are integral to anyone’s ...
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The practice of “Defensive Medicine” grows alongside the rise of medical malpractice claims

        Aneesa Bodiat, Head of Legal  Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd           The number of medical malpractice claims in South Africa is rising ...
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When we work is often as important as how we work

        Aneesa Bodiat*, Head of Legal  Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd           Doctors should be wary of afternoons, because this is when most ...
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Fast-forward: Novartis SA gets moving to boost women’s mentorship

Novartis SA mentorship walk gives women a deliberate/visible way to develop professionally   Johannesburg: Novartis South Africa, always looking to find innovative new ways to embrace diversity and inclusion, ...
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HFA concerned over ‘interim’ increases in medicine prices for 2018, seeks consultation

            Lerato Mosiah, CEO Health Funders Association (HFA)                 The Health Funders Association (HFA) ...
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Natmed Medical Defence Releases the First Issue of their Medical Defence Review

Johannesburg: Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker, has released the first issue of Natmed’s Medical Defence Review. This is a review of case law ...
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Quality healthcare must be for all

South Africa must move beyond the era of exclusively preserving quality healthcare for those with deep pockets, says President Cyril Ramaphosa. Addressing the Stakeholder Consultative Meeting on the National Health ...
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A medical aid revolution is coming

The findings and recommendations highlighted in the provisional report issued by the Health Market Inquiry (HMI) underline the urgent need to change the way medical scheme options are designed says Jeremy Yatt, ...
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Online dementia support group launched

Facebook group assists people caring for loved ones with dementia   A Facebook support group that aims to provide a safe and accessible space for individuals and families impacted by Alzheimer’s and ...
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Securing your Passwords

    Keenan Singh, Software Developer Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd       Many people have trouble remembering passwords, and as a result they use easy passwords or reuse ...
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Natmed Medical Defence Offers CPD talks and seminars

Johannesburg: Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker, offers a selection of free seminars, workshops and lectures on medico-legal topics, or bespoke seminars, ...
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Investing in women key to SA socio-economic development

Investment in women’s empowerment delivers long-term socio-economic returns, says Novartis Women’s networks and mentorship engagements can help unlock personal and career success Johannesburg: ...
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Risk management for the health care industry: The importance of checklists

    Aneesa Bodiat*, Head of Legal Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd       Surgery is becoming ever more sophisticated and complex, and the rise of the super-specialist surgeon ...
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GEMS pays out over R29 billion in claims during 2017

SA’s second largest medical scheme pays out 91 million claims   The Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) paid out 91 million claims for its 1. 8 million-strong membership base during 2017, amounting ...
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Employers and medical aid members can exercise control over their medical aid increases by being more active

Employers looking to assist employees in increasing their disposable income, would do well to focus more attention on increasing employees’ physical activity levels, thereby reducing absenteeism, decreasing ...
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Long-term Insurance Act:

The Long-term Insurance Act No. 52 of 1998, which provided for the registration of long-term insurers, the control of certain activities of long-term insurers and intermediaries and for general matters connected with the long-term insurance industry.
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