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Marriott, The Income Specialists

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Tel: 031 765 0700
2 Delamore Road
P O Box 2099

Marriott aims to reduce the financial anxiety of the retired investor through an Income Focused Investment Style.


This style is based on a business truth that the value of a company grows over time at the rate at which its profits grow.


In the same way, the value of an investment, over time, grows at the rate its dividends grow.


Please visit our website for more information.

Company Press Releases »

Icon Investing in a post-recession environment
15 Apr 10 | Read More »
Dr Simon Pearse, CEO of Marriott Asset Management, warns that investors may be in for a long haul   With South Africa having technically emerged from a recession, we note that on average, investors have not achieved positive real returns over the past 3 years, particularly ...
Icon Cash is king, for now
03 Mar 10 | Read More »
Cash was certainly the place to be invested over the past three years. The domestic money market unit trust sector was the only local unit trust sector to give a double-digit average annual return for the three years to 31 December 2009 with a 10. return as shown in the ...
Icon Don’t write off America just yet
02 Nov 09 | Read More »
Dr Simon Pearse, CEO of Marriott, notes that the US still offers some of the most reliable income streams for investors at attractive prices   The US is by far the largest economy in the world making up 30% of stock market capitalization and 28% of GDP. It is followed ...
Icon Living Annuities
05 Oct 09 | Read More »
Retirement can be a bewildering process. It is not only a time of adjustment in your working career; it is also a time to make financial decisions that will impact on your lifestyle for the rest of your life. Knowing whether you have enough money set aside to support your ...
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Maximum Drawdown:

This provides the lowest negative return incurred in a particular time interval (usually a month or quarter) taken over a specified period (usually one or three years).
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