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Glossary of Terms


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Icon Defensive Investment Strategy
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Icon Deferred Pensioner
Icon Deficiency
Icon Deficit Clause
Icon Defined Benefit Fund
Icon Defined Benefit Pension Plan
Icon Defined Contribution Fund
Icon Defined Contribution Plan
Icon Deflation
Icon Degree Of Risk
Icon Delegated Authority
Icon Delisting
Icon Demurrage
Icon Demutualisation
Icon Dependant
Icon Dependent (Other)
Icon Dependent (Pension Fund)
Icon Dependent Cover
Icon Deposit Administration Plan
Icon Deposit Premium
Icon Depreciation
Icon Derivatives
Icon Devaluation
Icon Development
Icon Deviation
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Icon Direct Premiums
Icon Direct Response Marketing
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Icon Directional bet
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Icon Disability Benefit
Icon Disability Cover
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Icon Disability Policy
Icon Discontinuance
Icon Discountable
Icon Discounting
Icon Discovery Period
Icon Discretionary Trust
Icon Disinflation
Icon Diversification
Icon Dividend
Icon Dividend Cover
Icon Dividend Yield
Icon Dividends To Policyholders
Icon Divisible Surplus
Icon Domestic Bonds
Icon Domestic Funds
Icon Domestic Insurer
Icon Domicile
Icon Double
Icon Double Indemnity
Icon Dow Jones Industrial Average (Also called the DJIA or "Dow")
Icon Downside Risk
Icon Dread Disease Cover
Icon Duration
Icon Duty Of Disclosure
Icon Dynamic asset allocation
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Any One Risk Cover:

A type of working cover reinsurance normally on an excess of loss basis designed to protect the ceding company’s liability on an individual risk. This arrangement is usually subject to an aggregate limit in order to limit the reinsurer’s catastrophe exposure.
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