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Camargue Launches NEW Webinar Training
Mari Williams, Head of the Camargue LAB
and Camargue CEO, Mitch Marescia
With Camargue knowledge has no boundaries and the Group’s commitment to sharing the power of knowledge has been amplified with the introduction of training webinars. An additional offering from the Liability Academy for Brokers (LAB) - the webinars will correspond with the LAB’s almost weekly training schedule hosted at Camargue House. 
Brokers who are unable to make it to the training venue can now simply log in to the session remotely and benefit from the free online, interactive education.  
According to Camargue managing director Mitch Marescia, the group recognises the need for geographic enablers when it comes to their training and that flexibility in learning is fundamental to the success of Camargue’s educational platform. “We are considerably expanding our reach by giving our brokers the opportunity to learn remotely, online, in real time.” 
“The difference between the webinar and our eLab offering is brokers can log on for the eLab training remotely, on any device, at any time they choose; pause the training and finish up later. There is also a formalised assessment component with the eLab training where to pass, brokers need an 80% result to qualify for the CPD hours,” explains Marescia. “Unlike the eLab modules, the webinar offering takes place on predetermined dates and at specific times for a set duration; they are an extension of our LAB training line up staged at Camargue House.” 
As with all LAB training presented at Camargue House, at brokerages, and on national roadshows – Camargue’s eLearning modules and now the webinars – are free and fully sponsored by Camargue. 
“As far as we are aware we are the only short-term underwriter providing webinar training that qualifies for CPD hours, so long as all the necessary requirements are met,” says Marescia. “We have built in protocols to ensure we meet IISA’s requirements and to check that brokers remain engaged in the training for the entire one and a half hour session.”
According to the Head of the Camargue LAB, Mari Williams, signing up for the webinar training is simple but brokers must have Skype for Business to participate. Those interested in the training can simply email: to receive an email invitation to sign in.
“It’s recommended that when brokers are preparing for their first webinar they begin the process an hour ahead of the scheduled start of the session to avoid any technical issues and to get set up properly,” says Williams.
During and after the presentation brokers can click on the little speech bubble in the bottom left corner of the presentation window and send comments or questions to the presenter.
“We are believers in the power of knowledge and are committed to sharing it. It’s engrained in our code as is making a real difference to industry transformation and raising the bar when it comes to proficiency and professionalism,” concludes Marescia.
Camargue is an underwriter of niche insurance products and a provider of risk management solutions to a broad spectrum of industries in Southern Africa. Camargue’s unique M3 approach focuses on managing, mitigating and migrating critical business risks. 
Step by Step Webinar Sign Up Instructions:
Preparing for your first webinar:
Recommend minimum 1 hour before the webinar
  • Click on the Skype link in the webinar invitation
  • It will suggest downloading the Skype for Business Web App – click the link to download it (+- 8.5MB in size)
  • Once downloaded, install the application. NOTE: IT intervention may be needed to install this on the PC, depending on the company’s IT security policies
  • The application will then run and open the webinar window. It can be maximised
  • The PC or speaker volume must not be on mute and should be turned up high
  • Wait for the presentation to begin
  • Enjoy
Preparing for second and subsequent webinars:
Recommend minimum 15 minutes before the webinar
  • Click on the Skype link in the webinar invitation. It will ask permission to run the Skype for Business Web App
  • The application will then run and open the webinar window which can be maximised
  • The PC or speaker volume must not be on mute and should be turned up high
  • Wait for the presentation to begin
  • Enjoy
Authorised Financial Services Provider                                                                                License Number 6344
Source: SIMONSAYS Communications
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