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Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd

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FSP No.: 21144
Tel: 0860 NATMED (628633)
29 Sixth Street
PO Box 786405
Natmed Medical Defence has been arranging and creating medical malpractice products in South Africa for over 18 years.
As a specialised and a leading local organiser of medical malpractice insurance, we are able to protect private medical facilities and practitioners alike.
Natmed strives to secure affordable indemnity cover, for all specialists and especially for obstetricians, gynaecologists and neurosurgeons, who all benefit from our advance practice and performance management support.
This includes ease of access, unique online and 24/7 service delivery. We are distinguished by our vast knowledge base, personal & online efficiency, and legal prowess, our reliance on top, experienced local and international specialist insurers and our commitment to our clients.
From 01 April 2018 DONALD DINNIE joined Natmed group of Companies as the Group CEO. Donald has a long association with Natmed as its lead external legal counsel. He joined Natmed from the renowned global legal firm Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa where he was CEO and previously Head of their Disputes Practice. Besides immediate access to our internal legal team, which now benefits from Donald’s extensive experience in Insurance and Medical Malpractice law and the Insurance and Medical industries, litigation is handled by experienced attorneys at leading South African law firms, to ensure that our medical practitioners and hospitals always have timeous and effective legal assistance in the event of a claim, or complaint or any issues with professional bodies.
Doctors can request insurance quotations at, where premiums are calculated by the insurer for each individual and tailored to them and their practice. The policy provides, on application, a free extended reporting period subject to terms and conditions, for an initial period of three years. Doctors can thereafter extend this cover annually on application (subject to prevailing underwriting criteria and premium payment).
As the most specialised medical malpractice insurance brokerage in South Africa, we have dedicated the past 18 years to developing and refining the medical malpractice products obtained by Natmed Medical Defence from various leading insurers. We are relentless in our drive to improve the industry for the benefit of all.
In this respect, we are more than a brokerage.  We develop programmes designed to actively influence positive behaviour in the industry, which assists in managing the costs of malpractice premiums and of medical schemes, effectively limiting cost inflation whilst backing up this work with meaningful support and educational programmes for medical practitioners and facilities alike.
For more information go to
Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider.

Company Press Releases »

Icon The practice of “Defensive Medicine” grows alongside the rise of medical malpractice claims
29 Aug 18 | Read More »
        Aneesa Bodiat, Head of Legal  Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd           The number of medical malpractice claims in South Africa is rising at an alarming rate, and along with this trend is the ...
Icon When we work is often as important as how we work
28 Aug 18 | Read More »
        Aneesa Bodiat*, Head of Legal  Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd           Doctors should be wary of afternoons, because this is when most medical mistakes happen. Bestselling author Daniel ...
Icon Natmed Medical Defence Releases the First Issue of their Medical Defence Review
24 Aug 18 | Read More »
Johannesburg: Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker, has released the first issue of Natmed’s Medical Defence Review. This is a review of case law and other developments within the medical malpractice industry ...
Icon Securing your Passwords
20 Aug 18 | Read More »
    Keenan Singh, Software Developer Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd       Many people have trouble remembering passwords, and as a result they use easy passwords or reuse the same passwords across multiple websites. The reuse of ...
Icon Natmed Medical Defence Offers CPD talks and seminars
16 Aug 18 | Read More »
Johannesburg: Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker, offers a selection of free seminars, workshops and lectures on medico-legal topics, or bespoke seminars, workshops and lectures to clients that carry CPD ethical ...
Icon Risk management for the health care industry: The importance of checklists
14 Aug 18 | Read More »
    Aneesa Bodiat*, Head of Legal Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd       Surgery is becoming ever more sophisticated and complex, and the rise of the super-specialist surgeon complements a modern world in which what we know about ...
Icon The NHI, funding healthcare and medico-legal claims
09 Aug 18 | Read More »
          Donald Dinnie, CEO Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd                     With the publication of the National Health Insurance Bill, proposed amendments to the Medical ...
Icon Natmed Medical Defence Releases Their Glossary of Medical Negligence and Insurance Terms
31 Jul 18 | Read More »
Johannesburg: Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker, has released the first edition of their Glossary of Medical Negligence and Insurance Terms. This plain language glossary and guide, the first of its kind in the ...
Icon Bleak House – a tale of wealth and health for patients and doctors?
09 Jul 18 | Read More »
Why appropriate medico-legal reform improves the health of patients, avoiding the pursuit of wealth Donald Dinnie, CEO Natmed Medical Defence, and Volker von Widdern, CEO Constantia Insurance Company, discuss the changes needed to address South Africa’s medico-legal ...
Icon Periodic payments in medico-legal claims
29 Jun 18 | Read More »
          Donald Dinnie, Group CEO Natmed Medical Defence (Pty) Ltd                   The news media has for some time now been replete with reports of the enormous financial burden ...
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Offshore Balanced Fund:

The Offshore Balanced Fund seeks a balance between optimal capital growth and stable returns. The fund manager's aim is to obtain a stable return in dollar terms. The fund invests in more stable markets and sectors, for example, in overseas government stocks and bonds as well as blue chip shares listed on stock exchanges in North America, Britain, Europe and Japan. Any decrease in the value of the rand against other denominations will increase the ...
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