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Get your home ready for winter in 6 steps






Company Listing: Indwe Risk Services »
By Indwe Risk Services
Before the first winter chill hits, it’s essential that you make sure your home is prepared for the winter months. Be proactive and conduct annual maintenance to reduce the risk of damage to your property. Avoiding potentially expensive repairs will also save you money. Here is a checklist of your seasonal maintenance tasks:
Tiles or shingles must be replaced if they are loose, damaged or missing. If you have winter rain, this could help prevent significant damage. For tin roofs, check for signs of rust and apply appropriate waterproofing products. If you have skylights, ensure that no water is getting in through the seals.
Before you light your first winter fire, make a thorough inspection of the chimney – inside and out. Any broken or loose bricks must be fixed and any debris must be removed as it is a potential fire hazard.
Leaves and twigs must be removed from gutters and downpipes, as any debris can potentially cause blockages when it rains. When gutters overflow they can cause damage to the roof or to the sides of your home.
To prevent draughts, check all glass panes and replace those that are cracked or broken and ensure that the panes are securely embedded. Treat your steel or wooden frames by applying the appropriate products at least one a year.
You lose a lot of heat in your house if there are gaps under doors, so check your door frames and draught-proof them. By using a door sweep where you have a poor seal, you will ultimately save money on your electricity bill.
When you have inefficient heating in the house, you use more electricity to keep warm. Check your heaters and have systems like underfloor heating inspected by a professional. Use a blanket on your geyser and get proper insulation in your ceiling.
By performing this annual checklist, you will help to keep your home in good condition. Not only will this protect you and your family, but it also helps you avoid unnecessary and costly repairs.
At Indwe Risk Services, we only employ exceptional advisors, who make it their mission to keep you informed and updated. If you have any queries or need advice, call us today on 0860 13 13 14 or visit our website at
Indwe is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. FSP 3425.
Information sources: Showroom Condition and Easy DIY
Source: Indwe Risk Services
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