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COVID-19 Vaccine: Trials and Tribulations

Published: Thu, 21 May 20

Even as countries hobble out of lockdown, coronavirus retains its firm grip on the planet. Dozens of vaccines against Covid-19 are being explored and tested. Can new methods accelerate the development of a solution for the pandemic? The year was 1796. A man scraped pus from the cowpox blisters on the hands of a ...
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Catharina Richter to lead Allianz Cyber Center of Competence

Published: Tue, 19 May 20

Group-wide Cyber Center of Competence is embedded into Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) with a reporting line to AGCS Chief Underwriting Officer Corporate Thomas Sepp Catharina Richter joins from Allianz SE where she is currently Head of Digital Regulation AGCS’s global cyber insurance team ...
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COVID-19 and Business Interruption Insurance

Published: Fri, 15 May 20

Johannesburg - The COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown has created unprecedented socio-economic challenges in the lives of South Africans. The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) supports the actions taken by the State President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, and the South African government, to limit the spread ...
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Coronavirus: Fighting the rise in cyber criminals from the home office

Published: Tue, 12 May 20

With many people working remotely because of the coronavirus outbreak, the number of cyber incidents is increasing as hackers, scammers and spammers look to exploit vulnerabilities in an attempt to steal valuable information. In response, AGCS experts highlight a number of measures that can help employees to better ...
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Is it time to reassess your cover?

Published: Mon, 11 May 20

Insurance cover is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, your coverage is likely to comprise a personalised range of products and levels of cover. This approach can be confusing for the average consumer, but there is a very good reason to applaud this build-your-own coverage: flexibility. Like pieces ...
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The ABC of cyber safety

Published: Mon, 11 May 20

Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure   As the lock down continues, more businesses will be doing all they can to keep operating online. Cybercriminals have been quick to exploit any opportunities and vulnerabilities they can find, highlighting the importance of cyber security and ...
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Published: Mon, 11 May 20

Lockdown has spurred many South Africans to draw up their Wills online or over the telephone. But with every new circumstance we are often presented with challenges that require innovation and creative solutions to overcome these challenges. One thing the dawn of Covid-19 has taught us is that if you are not agile ...
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Businesses need to restart facilities with care and caution after coronavirus lockdown to reduce risk of damages

Published: Thu, 07 May 20

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty recommends site security inspections and dedicated loss prevention measures to ensure a successful and safe reopening after shutdown. Fires, machinery breakdowns and faulty workmanship/maintenance among the most expensive causes of insurance claims. Condition of electrical ...
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Fire Risks Amplified for Landlords

Published: Tue, 05 May 20

Amid Covid-19 business closures and SA’s economic nosedive   Fire is one of the major causes of insured losses in South Africa, and its impact is likely to amplify and accelerate as landlords face the aftermath of the Covid-19 lockdown and South Africa’s precarious and constrained economy. It ...
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2020 - Short-term insurers lose sight of customer experience as race to digital transformation intensifies

Published: Tue, 05 May 20

Consulta releases latest 2019 South African Customer Satisfaction Index for Short-Term Insurance   There is a fallacy across many businesses that digital transformation and customer experience and satisfaction are interchangeable. Technology will change and evolve, but the fundamentals of being relevant ...
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Unlocking a new future for South Africa

Published: Mon, 04 May 20

Going back in history, there have been many defining moments for human beings over the centuries of our existence on planet Earth. In recent times we have survived The Great War, The Great Depression, World War II and The Great Recession. Now, we are facing The Great Infection, as the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 sweeps ...
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Chubb announces new annual Contractors All Risk cover for South Africa

Published: Mon, 04 May 20

Chubb Insurance South Africa today announced the release of its specialist annual Contractors All Risk (CAR) insurance product to the South African market. Chubb's annual CAR product has been available for some time in other jurisdictions around the world and has now been launched in the South African market. ...
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Covid-19: TERS - 5 important updates

Published: Mon, 04 May 20

by Joon Chong, Dhevarsha Ramjettan, Johan Olivier, Shane Johnson, Bianca Viljoen, Zipho Tile   Since the launch of TERS, there has been (almost) daily changes introduced by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Following those amendments, the Minister of Employment & Labour ...
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1Life Insurance offers free tuition for school children through Boston City Campus Connect and Ivy Digital

Published: Tue, 28 Apr 20

1Life Insurance has reaffirmed the company’s long-standing commitment to educating South Africans by launching a new partnership with Boston City Campus Connect and Ivy Digital, that will provide children of 1Life newsletter subscribers with free tuition from Grades 8 – 12. “In 2013 we ...
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The non-legal guide to surviving the Coronavirus

Published: Fri, 24 Apr 20

Soon after the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and the declaration of the National Disaster, there was an outbreak of legal and other publications, some more helpful than others, dealing with COVID-19, the law, the end of the world, and surviving the Coronavirus. You could seek guidance from a letter supposedly ...
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Locked down, but not out

Published: Mon, 20 Apr 20

Bertus Visser, Chief Executive of Distribution at PSG Insure   It’s lockdown and suddenly your front gate is completely stuck and won’t unlock. No matter how much you manoeuvre the key or how much oil you spray on to the lock mechanism, it just won’t budge! If it’s your only way ...
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Published: Fri, 17 Apr 20

By Terrance M. Booysen and peer reviewed by Jene’ Palmer CA(SA) (CGF Lead Independent Consultant) The times we are currently living in are unprecedented. Covid-19 has once again highlighted the reasons why governance -- good governance -- is a critical function in a democratic country. The President of South ...
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Western National Insurance provides Covid-19 relief to clients

Published: Fri, 17 Apr 20

These are extraordinary times that require us all to work together. We are in unchartered territory and face a great deal of uncertainty as to the way forward, and no doubt we’ll continue to encounter many challenges. “At Western National Insurance, we believe that the challenges ahead can be overcome ...
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Coronavirus: Temporary care & maintenance status in the mining industry – loss control measures

Published: Tue, 14 Apr 20

Like many industries, the pandemic has forced mining companies to take extraordinary precautions to reduce the spread of the virus while protecting the health and safety of employees. Many companies have implemented Care and Maintenance (C&M) procedures to temporarily discontinue operations, as maintaining them ...
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Coronavirus: Loss prevention measures for cargo storage and transportation

Published: Thu, 09 Apr 20

The pandemic has brought about sudden changes for cargo transportation, impacting shippers and transport companies around the world and potentially increasing the risk environment, particularly for high-value and temperature-sensitive goods. In a new risk bulletin, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty’s ...
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